Meringue Nuts Question/Help please

How long should one cook merinque coated nuts and @ what temperature?
I have my dear, long gone, Grandmother’s Espresso meringue Nut recipe from many years ago. I make them each holiday season and wanted to add them to a wedding cook book for a young friend. It is a labor intensive reicipe I cannot find elsewhere on line. Somehow I have messed up how long and what temperature to cook them at. It used to be when I took them out of the oven they would quickly begin to snap, crackle, pop as the meringue set, now, alas they do not. :sad:

You beat the egg white and then combine it with the sugar, instant espresso, salt & cinnamon in a bowl; add the nuts (almonds, pecan, cashews) and coat them. Then you take each nut and set them on the baking pan individually. I use a toast grabber or kids chopstix for ease.

They are fabulous and a hit every time I make them. There has to be a general principal of time and temps for nuts & meringues that could be applied.

I would happily share the recipe for successful input on the right time & temp to cook them. Thanks very much - this is my first blog on this site, Chimpati