mew to forum

Hi I’m new to forum. wanted to make pf changs sea bass recipe. Does anyone know where to get fresh sea bass in the boston area?

You can get it from tesco.

simple but good - sea bass with mashed potato (that had lots of vegetables mixed up in it) plus fried spinach’?


* bag Spinach
* 4 Sea bass
* 4 medium sized Potatoes
* 2/3 Carrots
*  Olive oil
*  Black pepper
*  Sea salt
*  Butter
* pinch Nutmeg


* 1. Cut crosses in the skin both sides and rub in olive oil, black pepper and sea salt then wrap up in tin foil and bake for 20mins.

  2. Chop up carrots and cook until soft, ditto potato than mash up with butter and olive oil.

  3. Just throw spinach in frying pan add butter and nutmeg and cook for 3 mins.