Mexican Breakfast

This recipe is from a friend who lives in Central America.

Serves: 4

SOURCE	LEO                                                   

12 Each mexican corn tortillas
1 Pound bulk sausage
12 eggs
some white cheese monterey jack or mozzarella
or farmers cheese; I have used blue also}
a little oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Oh, breakfast recipes. Well, I have one of those. I don’t get this anymore because this third world country doesn’t have bulk sausage, but I remember it well. The first time I had this, that one girl in San Antonio fixed it so it even has a memory factor which of course, I have never divulged to any of the women in my life.

Brown sausage in a skillet breaking up into small pieces. Do Not Drain Grease.
Cut or break up corn tortillas into small pieces about an inch square or less then fry them quickly with the sausage grease. If there is any grease left you can then drain it off afterwards if you want to pretend you are eating health contiously. Tortillas should get nice and soft then add eggs beaten and scramble with the sausage and tortilla, season with a little oregano and salt and pepper, top with small pieces of cheese and mix in then let set so the cheese gets melty.

Goes well with cold beer and if you want, a little salsa picante.

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sounds delicious - does it turn out greta every time??