Microwave Risotto With Peas and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Microwave Risotto With Peas and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

This recipe is gauged for a 1500-watt microwave.

Makes 3 cups of risotto - 6 servings
Time: 35 minutes


5 cups chicken broth
1 cup white wine
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
6 tablespoons olive oil
3/4 cup yellow onion, diced
1 tablespoon garlic, crushed
1 1/2 cups white rice, Calrose medium grain
1/4 teaspoon table salt (to taste)
10 ounces frozen peas, thawed
1 cup parmigiano-reggiano cheese, freshly grated


  1. In a 3-qt sauce pan, bring chicken broth, white wine, garlic powder, onion powder and white pepper to a simmer on stove top. Stir well and keep simmering until needed.

  2. In a 2-1/2-qt covered microwave casserole dish, microwave olive oil for 2-minutes.

  3. Add yellow onion and crushed garlic, stir well and microwave covered for 4-minutes.

  4. Add rice, stir well, until rice is coated in olive oil and microwave covered for 4-minutes.

  5. Add 5 cups of the simmering chicken broth to rice mixture, stir well and microwave, covered, for 8-minutes.

  6. Stir well, and microwave covered for 8-more minutes.

  7. Add remaining cup of chicken broth, peas and salt to taste, stir well again and microwave covered for a final 8-minutes.

  8. Check to see if risotto is done. If risotto is done, serve as suggested below. If risotto is not quite done, add 1/2 hot water, stir well and microwave, covered, for 2 to 3 additional minutes.

  9. Stir in 3/4 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Spoon the risotto into the center of each serving dish and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.


I’ve made risotto by the traditional method (in a pan on the stove top, stirring for 1/2 hour adding a 1/2-cup of broth at a time) and by this microwave method. I can’t tell the difference of the final result. So this is the only way I make risotto now.

This is a good recipe for those who have physical challenges and can’t stir regular risotto for half an hour. Let the microwave do the work for you and eliminate most of the stirring.

Just make sure to use a medium grain rice. I have best results with Calrose rice. Long grain doesn’t work well because it has less of the starch that creates the creamy texture of risotto.