midwest maidrite sandwiches

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I am from the Midewest and they have Maidrite sandwiches
which are made of loose meat (handburger) and spices

Does any one have any ideas on the spices ? put in to them.

thanks for your help.

kitchen witch

thank you for your help. -

I don’t believe there is mustard in the MaidRites - that I have tasted

But will try your recipe and leave that out.

thanks again !


One that I found, about the closest to it, and is almost too simple. I have made it a few times for large gatherings and people love it.:
Brown ground beef, and keep working it till it is really broken up. Drain, then sprinkle dehydrated chopped onions over the meat, and add chicken stock to fill about 20% of the meat. Simmer for at least 20 minutes. That’s basically it though, three ingredients.