Mimi's Special Pizza

Mimi’s Special Pizza

Comments: A pizza baked on your barbecue, your friends will not believe it!!
Serve along with a glass of wine or a cool beer and… that’s it!
For a crisp crust, barbecue pizza onto a pierced al foil plate.

Ingredients Preparation

1/2 pound [227 g] ground beef
Bacon slices
1 unbaked [9-inch / 23-cm] pizza shell
Olive oil
Tomato sauce
Pepperoni slices, enough to cover the pizza
Sweet green pepper rings, membranes removed and seeded
Cleaned fresh mushroom slices
Onion slices, into rings
Stoned ripe olives
Stoned green olives
Shredded 4-cheese Italian blend

Brown ground beef into a little melted butter crumbling the meat, until no longer pink; drain and reserve.
Into a clean frypan, fry bacon slices until just crisp; drain and reserve.
Transfer pizza shell onto an al foil plate; brush dough with olive oil.
Cover pizza shell with tomato sauce.
Arrange pepperoni slices on top of pizza shell.
Evenly sprinkle with drained reserved browned ground beef crumbs.
Top with sweet green pepper rings, mushroom slices, onion rings and then with reserved drained bacon slices.
Garnish with stoned ripe and green olives.
Sprinkle all over with shredded 4-cheese Italian blend.
Barbecue, onto upper rack of preheated barbecue, opposite to heat source for approximately 20 minutes, checking from time to time.