Miniature Appetizer Bites

You see these a lot at catering events. These are addicting when someone keeps coming up to you with pig in a blanket type dishes. anyone have any fun small bite recipes??

Dried Beef Rolls

Dried Beef-rinse and pat dry
8 oz cream cheese-softned
green onions-cleaned and trimmed

Put small amount of cream cheese on dried beef and roll an onion into it.

Approx. 3 pks dried beef to every 8 oz cream cheese

Thanks for that recipe. looks delicious. i used to work catering events and it was tough to keep my hands off all those good appetizers:) have u seen the site?? …they have some fun appetizers/dips/mini desserts on their entertaining recipe widget…check it out… i saw u had cream cheese in the dried beef roll.:slight_smile: mmm

I do loads of different kinds of appetizers.

Filled cherrytomatoes.

Cut a slice off the top, then scoop out the seeds and as much of the membranes I can, with a teaspoon.
Mix spreadable goatscheese with finely chopped red onion, and finely shopped black olives.
Put the mix into the cherrytomatoes.

Filled cucumberslices.

Cut a slender cucumber in slices, about 2/3 inch thick. Scoop a hole in the middle - be careful not to break the bottom of the slice.
Fill with finely chopped chicken- or ham-salad.

Filled zucchini.
Prepare slices of zucchini like the cucumbers above.
Fill with slices of cooked chorizo-sausage, or raw chorizo-sausage, pressed out of the casing, into the zucchini.
Bake until the chorizo is cooked through.

Mini toast canapées
Get small slices of pre-toasted bread - top with homemade tunasalad, homemade herbed cream cheese-spread, bluecheese-spread, olive-tapanade, or your favourite appetizer spread.