Mock Ritz Apple Pie

Ritz Mock Apple Pie

"april Fool!," My Young Neighbor Cried With Great Glee.  She Had Just Baked A Pie For Her Father, And She Couldn't Wait Until He Tasted It.  It Looked Like Apple Pie.  It Tasted Like Apple Pie, But There Wasn't An Apple In It. "it's Made With Ritz Crackers!,"  She Announced Triumphantly.  He Was Appropriately Impressed And Declared She'd Won The Traditional Tease. 

It Wasn't Until Some Years Later That I Discovered That That Recipe -- Or One Very Much Like It -- Was Invented Around 1852 By A Group Of Pioneer Women For Their Children Who Missed The Apple Pie They'd Had "back East."  

In Helen Evans Brown's West Coast Cookbook, She Quotes Mrs. B. C. Whiting's How We Cook In Los Angeles (1894),  "the Deception Was Most Complete And Readily Accepted.  Apples At This Early Date Were A Dollar A Pound, And We Young People All Craved A Piece Of Mother's Apple Pie To Appease Our Homesick Feelings."    

The Recipe Was Referred To As "california Pioneer Apple Pie, 1852", And The Crackers Used At That Time Were "soda Crackers" Which Were Mixed With Brown Sugar, Water And Citrus Acid And Cinnamon. 

After Ritz Crackers Were Created In The Early 1930's A Recipe For Mock Apple Pie Began Appearing On The Box.  

Apples Were Once Again Expensive And Homemakers In Those Years Were Once Again Able To Use Crackers In Order To Give Their Children A Taste Of Apple Pie. 

You Might Also Enjoy Trying A Ritzy Pecan Pie, Using Ritz Crackers, Egg Whites And Pecans, As Well As Another Ritz Pecan Pie Made With Egg Whites But Which Also Includes Some Chocolate. 

Recently, Another Ritz Cracker Curiosity Has Appeared On The World Wide Web, Using Ritz Crackers And Dipping Chocolate To Simulate The Taste And Texture Of The Chocolate Mint Cookies That Are Sold Each Year By The Girl Scouts.  

However, If You Want To Try The Traditional Ritz Recipe For Mock Apple Pie, Don't Serve The Pie Warm, Serve It Cool Or Cold.  And Yes, It Tastes Fine With A Slice Of Cheese Or A Scoop Of Ice Cream... And It's A Perfect -- And Historic -- April Fool Joke. 

Pastry For Two-crust 9-inch Pie
30 - 36 Ritz Crackers, Coarsely Broken Up (about 1¾ Cups)
2 Tsp Cream Of Tartar
2 Cups Water
2 Cups Sugar
Grated Rind Of One Lemon
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp Butter Or Margarine
½ Tsp Ground Cinnamon

Place Sugar, Cream Of Tartar And Water In Saucepan Over High Heat. Bring To A Boil, Then Lower Heat To Simmer For 15 Minutes. Add Grated Lemon Rind And Lemon Juice. Allow To Cool. 

Preheat Oven To 425°f.

Roll Out Half The Pastry And Line A 9 Inch Pie Plate. 

Place Coarsely-broken Cracker Crumbs In Pie Crust.   

Pour Cooled Syrup Over Crackers. Dot With Butter Or Margarine And Sprinkle With Cinnamon. 

Roll Out Remaining Pastry; Place Over Pie. Trim, Seal And Flute Edges. Slit Top To Allow Steam To Escape.  

Bake At 425°f For 30 - 35 Minutes Or Until Crust Is Crisp And Golden.  

Cool Completely Before Serving.

Ritzy Pecan Pie

Beat 3 Egg Whites Until Stiff, Gradually Adding 1 Cup Of Sugar. 

Fold In 1 Cup Of Chopped Texas Pecans, 1 Cup Of Rolled Ritz Crackers, And 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract. 

Place In Slightly Greased Pie Plate With Sides Higher Than Center. 

Bake In 325°f Oven About 30 Minutes. 

When Cool, Add 8 Oz Cool Whip Or Dream Whip. 

Top With ¼ Cup Additional Texas Pecans And Refrigerate. 

It May Be Served Immediately. 

Ritz Pecan Pie

20 Ritz Crackers; Crushed
1 Tsp Baking Powder
3 Lg Egg Whites
1 Cup Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 Cup Pecan Halves
3 Oz Milk Chocolate, Finely Shredded
Crush Ritz Crackers To Crumbs

Preheat Oven To 325°f. 

Mix Cracker Crumbs And Baking Powder. 

Beat Egg Whites Stiff, Then Very Gradually Add Sugar, Continuing To Beat. Add Vanilla. 

Fold Egg Whites And Crackers Together. 

Put In A Buttered 9-inch Pie Plate. 

Arrange Pecans Across Top. 
Bake 30 Minutes. Remove From Oven. 
Sprinkle With Shredded Chocolate, Then Put Under The Broiler For A Few Seconds, Watching Closely So That The Chocolate Melts But Does Not Scorch. 
Serve With Ice Cream Or Whipped Cream.

Faux Girl Scout Thin Mints

"these Taste Like The Girl Scout Thin Mints." - Submitted By Cori Walkden Of Greenville, North Carolina

6 Oz Chocolate Candy Coating*
12 - 18 Drops Peppermint Oil Flavoring
36 Ritz Crackers

Melt Chocolate Candy Coating In Double Boiler. 

Add Peppermint Oil To Taste Minty Enough To Your Liking. 
Dip Ritz Crackers In Chocolate And Place On Waxed Paper To Solidify. 
Note: You Can Substitute With 6 Ounces Chocolate Melted With 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Shortening.

Makes About 36.