Mom's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

This cake couldn’t be any easier to make. Whips up and bakes in less than 45 minutes. It is one of the moister cakes I ever tasted. Mom used to bake this up at the drop of a hat. Frost with any kind of frosting you like, sprinkle with powdered sugar or eat it plain. Either way you try it, it’s a winner. This recipe is at least 50 years old.

Mom’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

2 cups plain (AP) flour
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa
2 tsps baking soda
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup cold water

Mix all together. Pour into a greased/floured (or well sprayed) 9 x 13 pan. Bake 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. Start checking time at 30 minutes. Test for doneness by inserting a knife in center. I use a bundt pan and it is usually done in 25-30 minutes.

The Chocolate Mayo cake is my all-time favorite. My mother used to make it for my birthday 50 odd years ago but I never had the recipe. I don’t and never did like frostings so it was sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Thanks Again :smiley: :slight_smile:

:smiley: My Mom use to make this back when I was a kid in the early 70’s and she lost the recipe. I use to squish it in my hands it was so moist. I can’t thank you enough.[/b]

There’s another name or two for this cake - Depression Cake- this I believe was where it orginated - when rationing was common and so many of the things like eggs were hard to come by… and - No Milk ,No Eggs & No Butter. I used to get rave reviews for this cake too, been making it since the 70’s. I would top it with a chocolate buttercream frosting. Joyce

This is a quick version of Marieann2001’s Mom’s (Aunt Martha) Cake.
We made this when we just couldn’t wait for the “real thing”. Its a pretty good substitute.


2 c. unsifted all-purpose flour
1 c. sugar
1 tsp. soda
1/4 c. cocoa
1/8 tsp. salt
1 c. mayonnaise
1 c. water

Stir together flour, sugar, cocoa and salt in large mixing bowl. Add mayonnaise and water. Beat at low speed until all ingredients are moistened. Beat at high speed 2 minutes. Pour batter into 12"x8"x2" dish (or one that fts your microwave) which has been greased on bottom only. Place dish in microwave oven on high power level and cook 9 to 11 minutes, giving dish 1/4 turn after 5 minutes if you don’t have a microwave turntable. Recipe was made using a 700 watt oven. You will have to adjust temp and time if using a different wattage.