Mongolian Beef/Lamb With Lamb's Wool


1 lb beef or lamb cut into thin stripes
3 green onions cut into 1/2" piece, greens too
1/2 package Bean Sprouts, rinsed
1/2 can Water Chestnuts, Sliced thin
5 lrg mushrooms, sliced thin
1 tbls Hosain Sauce
2 dashes Toasted Sesame Oil
1/16 scant tsp Red Chili and Garlic Paste ( a chinese condement) see note*
1 block Saifun Noodles ( rice noodles in a block)
2 tsp oil
1 tsp Corn Starch disolved in warm water
Oil for deep frying

I hot wok add oil and meat strips and cook until no longer pink. Move up sides of wok to cooler area and add green onio, water Chestnuts and bean sprouts and cook until tender but still crisp and then add Hosain Sauce and Sesame Oil and then add Corn Startch slurry to thicken. Remove from heat.
I wok filled with 350* oil drop block of Saifun Noodles and allow to explode like popcorn. Remove to platter and pour meat mixture over top.


Be very careful how much of the Red Chili and GArlic paste you use. A very little goes a long way to spice up a dish. It is very hot, I think it is in the 400,000 Scovil Unit range