Mother's Day Dining Ideas

Many of us are going to be spending time with the special women in our lives this weekend for Mother’s Day. :slight_smile:

No mater what you have planned, one thing is for sure - you’ve gotta eat. :smiley:

Whether you’re cooking or eating out, please let us know:

What will you be eating on Mother’s Day?

If you are cooking, please provide recipes if you have them.

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I’ll start it off by sharing my plans for Mother’s Day.

My mother and grandmother both love seafood, especially the sea food on City Island.

City Island is a place in the Bronx, NY which is well known for it’s many seafood restaurants along it’s waterway strip.

We’ve made a reservation at Sammy’s on City Island, which happens to be my mother’s favorite restaurant on the strip.

I know it’s going to be packed for Mother’s Day, so I’m going to try to get there early.

I’ll probably be chowing down on some lobster tail, scallops, and baked clams. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. :slight_smile:


Yummy! I love sea food myself, but won’t be having it this year. Every year, my daughter plans a surprise for me and I never know what it is until that day. Will keep you posted on what yummy fods I had this year. Mary

:wink: :o i really dont know but i think i be doing the cooking even though i only 16 my mom says im the cook of the house

I am having 6 over for lunch, I will be getting my husband to cook a boned leg of lamb on the BBQ marinated in seeded mustard, rosemary & olive oil. 2 salads, a baked beetroot & pumpkin & a caesar. Dessert will be a easy chocolate cake with coffee



My daughter’s birthday is May 7th and she’s up in Albany in college. I think we’ll visit on Sunday and combine her birthday and Mother’s day and eat in a restaurant. Now the problem is, which restaurant? and we’d better make reservations!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all.

:smiley: Id like to report that Im not cooking and neither are my daughters! lol I have gotten 17 tickets to the “Flying W Ranch” here in Colorado Springs, Co. and Im taking my 6 children, (3 which are grown) and my 8 grand children, My son in law and his mother and we are going to go pig out at the Ranch. Its really an awesome place to visit, if you’d like to take a peek go to And not to forget “Happy Mothers Day” to all the Mothers out there.

I always thought it was sad to see all the waitresses working on Mothers’ Day, especially those who are moms. So, we make a point of NOT dining out on Mothers’ Day. We go the night before, if at all…have done that for as long as I’ve been married. We used to include both my mother and mother-in-law when they were alive. That way both moms got to be with her child.
We try now to include my sister and brother-in-law who lost their only child at the age of 34. We all love to break out the BBQ grills and have that first hot dog, mac salad and a cold beer…KISS (keeping it simple, sister)…
To all the moms out there…have a wonderful day!

My son-in-law cooks for all the Mom’s in the family. He’ll have a BBQ and we all kind of chip in so my daughter who is a Mom also doesn’t get stuck doing everything in the kitchen…My sister and brother-in-law come along also since my sister doesn’t have any kids but think that mine are hers anyway. My Mom and Mom-in-law are gone so it’s a little smaller now, but we think of them and we’ll have a great time. :lol:

I plan to have my Mother and some family over to the house, the Saturday before Mother’s Day. That’s so we can catch everyone, before their own Mother’s Day celebration keeps them busy. I plan on Italian this year. Simple, yets lots of food!

I will make my Special Lasagne - A traditional recipe, but I use fresh wonton wrappers for the pasta sheets, this will be the “beef” dish. Then I will make chicken stuffed jumbo shells with a garlic cream sauce. Plenty of fresh garlic bread loaves, not toasted but soft and dripping in butter.

I make a “Olive Garden” type salad, with all the same ingredients, and use Zesty Italian dressing. This usually runs out first!

Then for coffee and dessert. I will have a flourless chocolate cake, My Sin-a uuummm cake, and Tiramitsu, ( with extra rum). I have my weekend cut out for me, getting the house ready, but these types of foods are easy for prepping a day or two before. So all I have to do is a pop everything in the oven - do a quick dust and vacumn just before everyone comes and pour a glass of wine!!![/color][/b][/b]

Well, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and this year (as always!) I am cooking everything on Mother’s Day… My five children and five grandchildren are coming for lunch, and also my mother in law - and maybe even my mother, who lives a little far away, so I am not sure. Anyway, lots of food to cook! I thought of preparing brazilian national dish, “feijoada”, which is a dish made with black beans and lots of sausages and pork ribs, loin, feet and even ears, too! The problem is, it’s such a heavy dish - and everybody is trying to avoid fat nowadays. So, I’m reading what YOU are going to eat, so that I can have new ideas and prepare something lighter!
Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Last year my grandson, 16, made dinner for me. A shrimp cocktail, Spanish chicken breasts with lots of olives over garlic & rosemary mashed red potatoes, asparagus with lemon butter, and a wonderful salad made with napa cabbage and almonds. YUM! This was one of the best meals I have ever had. He has asked me what I want this year, and I can’t decide. I think I will just let him surprise me. My oldest son, who is 18, is back home this year, so I think they both will be in the kitchen. I’m sure they will pull their 13 year old sister in to help.

Traditionally for the past 5 years, being a single person, I would “borrow” my sister’s house and me and my nieces and nephews would all cook dinner for our mother’s, god-mother’s and one grandmother. However this year, since I am a newlywed of one month, and a new home owner, we plan to change up tradition and still hold our annual mother’s day dinner but only in my new home with my new husband.

The kids are still going to cook (oh heaven help me!) and we are planning this year to do Old Fashion Chicken Pot-Pie, with all the fixing (cole slaw, mashed potatoes, lima beans, peas).

As for dessert, I’m a sucker for cholcoate, so we are going to be having a Chocolate Brownie Trifle. Besides celebrating Mother’s Day, my sister’s birthday falls on May 10th so we will also be celebrating her birthday with a carrott cake.

After dinner, we all will be going walking!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! :smiley:

I live with my oldest daughter and her family. Her favorite meal is the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings. I am going to make that for her. We will be joined by my youngest daughter and her family who also loves that meal. Happy Mother’s day to all.

Each year my husband and I split our time between our two families for Mothers Day. My Mother lives two hours away where as his lives in the same town so we have to do it that way. Last year we were at my parents so techinically we are supposed to be with his Mother this year. But in January my Grandmother, my Mother’s Mom, died and this will be my Mom’s first Mother’s Day without her own Mother. She has told my sister that she isn’t doing anything this year for Mother’s Day & of course we all know why. So I asked my Mom in law if it would be ok to spend this year with my Mom. I called my Dad and asked him not to take my Mom out to eat after church since I was going to suprise her. I will be taking my children(my hubby has to work) with me to her house & cooking & cleaning while she is at church. The menu will be pork chops w/mushroom gravy, rice, green beans, corn bread & my son is baking cookies for dessert,. We are also using the ideas from Ron’s newsletter and creating posters to put along side the highway leading to her house & in her front yard, stating that the #1 Mom lives there. And so as not to leave my Mother in law out, we’ll be cooking baked pork ribs for her on Saturday and then posting the signs in her yard while she is asleep that night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day & encourage everyone to enjoy each precious moment they have with their children & Mother. Happy Mothers Day![/b]

May daughter is getting a head start on Mother’s Day and treating me all day Saturday

Going out to a restaurant, of course - reminds me of the old days when I tended bar for a living - used to hate Mothers Day for one reason - once we would make the first flaming Ice Cream drink and send it across the dining room, you could hear all the commotion as the Mothers turned to their significant others in unison and said: “I want one of those!” LOL

I have never been to City Island but I heard so much about the place. I think that is where I will be this Mother’s Day. My children usually start the day with breakfast in bed, this year my eldest is coming from South ampton. Both my girls are attending seperate colleges. I hope they will accept change in plans. 8)