Mozarella Sticks

Mozarella sticks in restaurants seem to always hold their shape. Can any one tell me how can I do that? When I fry them, the cheese always seems to drip from the crumb coating! :?

When making mozzarella sticks at home, the most important step you need to take to avoid them melting in the oil is to freeze them prior to cooking. Mozzarella cheese is low moisture, but the water that is in it will keep them hard enough during the cooking process to withstand the heat, making them “gooey” when you bite into them, and not runny. Also, the type of breading and coating you use will also make a difference in how they turn out. Many people use a simple egg and milk dipping mixture, and a bread crumb coating. This works decent enough, but breading them twice will produce better results. I will also humbly suggest my breading recipe posted under “chicken fingers and breading” which works well for mozzarella sticks, just omit mixing the breading mixture with flour. One last tip, instead of using plain milk to mix with the egg, I suggest buttermilk. It is thicker, and holds the coating much better than regular milk. Also with buttermilk, you only have to dip and coat them once. Hope this helps, and good luck!

Joe Slate

That sounds superb. I will try it soon. Many thanks!

Lima :slight_smile: