Hi, i live in the UK.
I have been trying to do a KFC recipe but requires msg or accent. Can anybody let me where i can buy this stuff.

I buy Accent, it comes in a small shaker type container, this is the same thing.

but from what shop???

The KFC recipe is just as good WITHOUT MSG, or Accent, which is essentially the same thing. This is a chemical food additive which does nothing to the taste of food itself, but rather alters the body’s taste buds. Many people are highly allergic to it. I avoid it like the plague, as I have a distinct dislike for anything which is not natural and sprinkled on food. Look it up on the Internet. I wish it were banned completely!

You can purchase this in any supermarket in the salt/pepper or spice section. Good luck

Stay away from MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), if you get Migraines. It’s the worst chemical, for migraine sufferers. And it’s in so many processed foods.