My 10 year-olds Easy Steak Quesadilla Recipe



Minute steaks
Shredded Taco cheese
Soft taco shells

Cook minute steaks according to directions. Cook enough to fill the number of quesadillas you want to make. Put in bowl, set aside.

Place taco shell on paper plate or microwaveable dish.

Cover with cheese, then salsa, then minute steaks, spreading each ingredient out to cover the entire taco shell.

Add more cheese, more salsa, if desired.

Fold filled taco shell(s) in half. Place in microvawe for approximately 30 seconds to melt cheese and warm ingredients. Remove from microwave. Cut filled, folded taco shell(s) in half (to make triangles). Serve.

My son is a very picky eater as many children are. Here is something they can help make themselves and, if they like tacos, etc. they most likely will eat these.[/b]