my "gnochi" is too hard!

hello all,
first kick at the can here…
what makes “gnochi” too hard? too much kneading, potato, flour?
my wife likes them softer and i can’t see to get it right.


It’s been my experience that there’s too much flour in the recipe.

First, I’d get a pot of water boiling to test the consistency of the gnochi’s as you experiment with the right amount of flour.

Second, I’d try to use much less flour than you are right now. If you end up with a dough that is very sticky and soft, you’re just about there. Add a little more flour until you get the firmness of partially set jello. Then flour your hands and have at it. The rolling difficulty of the gnocki’s is why I tend to overuse the flour. One thing that I’ll try next is to put the gnochi flour in the frig for about 1 hour and try rolling it out after-wards. I hope this has helps.

I am sure KW will tell you the best way to get perfect gnocchi.