my secret quiche recipe

I have decided to share my personal secret quiche recipe with the world! It is based of something I learned years ago when working in the kitchens of a French language camp one summer.

The main incredients are (layered in this order):

and for the liquid:
4-5 eggs
2/3 c cream
nutmeg, cloves, thyme and rosemare

45-60 minutes @400F!

No crust?

I use a pate brisee for quiche crust.

Nah I use a crust. In fact I often do that pre-bake technique. It’s all explained beautifully on the poster I linked to.

I used to make my own crusts from scratch but it’s just not worth it, especially when frozen ones are so cheap and convenient. I would spend SO LONG chopping up the butter into the flour, and it would always end up semi-melting, even if I froze the dang butter first. That means of course that the crust gets tough/chewy, and I would hurt my wrist anyway, then the rolling pin was a pain to clean off, counters too small to properly roll it out, blah blah.

Kitchen Witch is right on the money though about crust-less quiches, I guess for those CARBS ARE EVIL people, or whatever. I am just used to using them so haven’t prepared any quiches without but certainly have eaten many! (yum, just as tasty!):smiley:

That poster is too funny!

haha thanks :smiley:

I usually make the quiche without the crust. It’s good!:smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: wow thanks :smiley:
I will try it tomorrow :smiley:
sometimes I will also make my own version of Fast-Food at home
you can make burgers like In-N-Out Burger or McDonald’s;)
well then you can tell friends that you are a pro chef:twisted: