My short essay!

I am a mother of four delightful, yet ever busy, children. My days consist of working at a school, car pooling, homework, sick children, well children, hyper children, volley ball practise, basket ball practise, church, washing clothes for 6 people, letting the dog outside and feeding her, cooking dinner, making lunches, bathing little ones, reminding older ones to bathe, reminding hubby to bathe (just kidding!), being a wife, being a military wife, being a fireman’s wife (yes he is a fireman in the military), being an accountant, being a nurse/doctor (which ever they need at the moment), taking gum out of hair with peanut butter, steam cleaning my rugs where the kool aid was spilt, taking care of our military quarters, grocery shopping, and my list goes on and on! I think we wives need wives to help US! :stuck_out_tongue:
A membership to would be a life saver! I have enough on my plate, like how do you get “gak” out of your three year olds hair (the ever famous peanut butter does the trick :smiley: ) to what can I make for dinner with the ingredients I have on hand in the house!
A membership to would simplify my life for those two picky eaters I have. One has NO idea what an Avocado is, but hates it with a passion! The other thinks macaroni and cheese is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner item and won’t believe any one who says differently!
Plus a membership to would help to get out of those ruts of being married for 18 years and not being able to come up with a new idea for dinner! “This again?”, or “That again?” would be words of the past! Words that would be remembered no more! Words to be replaced with “Yummy!” and “Where did you get this great dinner idea at?” or “You’re the best mommy/wife in the whole world! We will do the dishes tonight for you!! We should go to Walt Disney World to celebrate what a GREAT mommy/wife we have!!” Well the last one MIGHT not get said, but one can dream!
These are just some of the reasons why a membership to would make my life a whole lot easier. There are many more, but Ron said to write a short essay! :wink: Have a super day, and thank you for taking time to read my entry! :slight_smile:

I hear you! Great essay!

Water pipes

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