My Smartphone has changed the way I cook!

My smartphone has made cooking so much easier:

When I find a recipe online that I want to try, I simply bookmark the post or page. I have hundreds of recipes stored on my phone that I can pull up with a couple of clicks.

When I grocery shop, I no longer have to make lists of the ingredients I need for the recipes I am planning to cook. I just look at the recipe on my phone while I am in the store.

If I am trying to think of something to make for dinner, or a party or pitch in, I just head to the store and flip through my recipes.

If I want to store a recipe from one of my cookbooks, I just take a photo of it with my phone and bookmark it.

When my daughter is at the store and I want her to pick up groceries for dinner, I just forward the recipes I am planning to cook from my phone to her phone.

If anyone requests one of my recipes, I can send it to them quickly and easily with my phone.

I don’t have to take my cookbooks into the kitchen, it’s easier to just pull up the recipe on my phone.

If I need to find a substitute, or have any questions about an unusual fruit or vegetable, or another uncommon ingredient I can google it right in the store.

My friends and I exchange recipes and food photos when we need dinner ideas. And yes, it does sound like a commercial for smart phones, but when I love a product I like to share!

I thought “general chat” was for off topic posts, since we discuss Verizon, jokes, global warming, etc? I guess I should have entitled my thread, “using a smartphone for recipes” instead.

Might just be me but when I’m at a grocery store I want to know ahead of time what I need to buy, as in using a well thought out grocery list. The last thing I want to do is flip through recipes & try to decide what to make & then hunt down ingredients.

Don’t forget…“The less time spent inside the store, the less money you’ll spend”.

Again, that’s me!

Vegan Lifestyle? Only if you’re a cow or a horse…or I think…

Example: There was a young lady that would shop in our area grocery store. All she bought were bags of frozen broccoli & frozen cauliflower, many at one time & a few times a week. Unfortunately, no one wanted to be anywhere near her in the check lane as her entire body gave off an odor. Not certain I’m explaining this correctly without going into detail but all she had to do was walk in the store & the cashiers said they knew she was there. It got so bad the cashiers would try to find other duties rather than check her groceries.

God put animals on this earth for a reason. Many of them, along with fish, are loaded with vitamins & minerals you can’t find elsewhere, there is no substitute for Omega-3. I could go on forever but won’t.

I love fruits & veggies & eat more servings daily than recommended but I always look forward to the protein portion.
You’re right about not staying a vegetarian forever…that’s not how we were made. Same goes for fat free diets & no carb diets. Yes, lower fat & lower carbs are good things, eliminating them is not.
Believe we could go on forever here!
ALL THINGS IN MODERATION is the key here…and don’t forget chocolate…and cookies!

You’re so right! What it comes down to is, don’t be lazy.
Several years ago I discovered a way to get exercise in the house. When I had things to move from one floor to the next, I put them aside & when I had several, I’d carry them from one floor to the next…one at a time…this doesn’t include laundry baskets. 10 times up & back down a few times a day adds up.
I also discovered NEVER eat standing up, no matter what it is. If I just want a taste of something I make myself grab a plate, napkin & appropriate silverware, put the item on the plate, and sit at the table, THEN immediately clean the used utensils. Believe me, it’s more work than the taste is worth.
I’ve also found that if I see an over-the-top food I ask myself, ‘is it worth it OR is there something I know I like better?’ There are so many simple ways to do ‘around the house’ exercises’, and even enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Food choices should be simple…eat mostly healthy, indulge on occasion. Healthy eating and exercise are NOT rocket science (thank heaven).

Talking about laundry baskets, I wonder why most homes have the washer and dryer in the basement or on first floor and the bedrooms, where we use the clothes are on the second floor. Just a thought!

2nd floor laundry? Actually, when we built our home the laundry room was s’posed to be on the 1st floor but as I hang many nice shirts & pants rather than toss in the dryer, I asked for the 1st floor laundry area to be turned into a double door back hall closet & the broom closet next to it to become a closet with shelves to store large kitchen items in. I purposely asked for a basement laundry.

Now to SECOND FLOOR laundry. I have a friend that has that. My friend unfortunately became the victim when her washer decided to quit one day, the water ran out of the washer, soaked her 1st floor ceiling, dripped down the 1st floor walls and, well…did a fair amount of damage. After the expensive repairs she finds herself forced to be near the 2nd floor washer anytime it’s running (I don’t blame her). She said those on 1st floor can hear (and are bothered by) the noise when it goes into the spin cycle, not to mention when the water enters or drains from the machine. She also mentioned lack of folding space or ironing board room when needed. For me: Keep the laundry room out of the living area; either in a separate 1st floor area or in a basement…besides, it’s good exercise! It might be nice for some but I really like mine in the basement. My mother has hers in her 1st floor laundry room but always dries everything in her dryer. To each his/her own 2nd floor might work for some but after the horror story from my friend, I’d never go the 2nd floor route. …but that’s just my opinion. Hope I didn’t offend anyone & their choice of laundry rooms.

Smartphones are NOT now nor ever will be a part of my life…I have survived to this age without them. I do have a cell phone but know what…I only turn it on at my convenience…which isn’t often.