My Verison of Sauerkraut -Pork and Kalbaski H.J.'s

H.J.'s Sauerkraut -Pork - Kalbaska - Mashed Potatoes

Meal in itself. with your favorite bread… Surprise your family.

As a child growing up I hated to eat Sauerkraut anytime and espeacially on New Years Eve. However, married very young and my husband loved sauerkraut so I needed to create something we both would enjoy and hope you all do also. Espeacially, if yo hate strong smelling kraut. This is very flavorable, not sour and very good over those garlic, grated Romano cheese mashed potatoes. Please try to remember I never measure … but the basic ingredients are there and one can tweak the recipe the next time to your liking. I believe you shall like this as is.

Everything cooked and goes into the covered broiled deep baking pan
I hated doing lots of dishes pot and pans I did enough growing up!

1-huge size lean Pork Roast …enough for your family
1 ring of Kalbaski…cut into diagonal cuts or your liking
little oil …for browning the roast only
2 large onions plus … chopped in large hunks
1 to 2 huge bags of kraut or 1-2 large huge cans of kraut
rinse throughly with water… to remove excess brim and salt…rinse
4 large cloves of garlic …peeled and chop fine
3 -4 stalks of celery and leaves …diced
3/4 cups of dry pearl barley
Water to cover all and just about to the top of the pan
Black pepper andsalt to taste …towards the end of baking
this becomes thick …if it too thick just add a little water.

Brown on all side of the Pork Roast right in the pan on top of the stove salt and pepper the roast. Add a little oil to brown roast with .
When roast is browned really nice and you have those brown roasting drippings in the pan
Add: Everything else goes in to the pan …cover and put in the oven … Bake all day. at 350 degrees stir once in awhile to the bottom of the roasting pan … this will become thick as it continues to bake. When roast is staring to fall from the bone and very very tender …just turn down the oven alittle.

Bake till meat falls apart. Add more Salt and pepper to taste.

My Mashed Potatoes
Clean - peel- cut- cook and drain enougn potatoes for your family
in a pan when you start is mash them
Salt, little pepper, garlic powder to your taste (about 1/8 tsp. to start with)…mik…butter…and 1/2 cup of Romano cheese. Mix well and potatoes to the consistancy you like

Remove the Pork Roast place on a Platter.
Put all the rest left in the roasting pan into a huge bowl including the Kalbaski

Put Potatoes in a seperate bowl and serve…Get out the bread

Put the saurkraut and Kalbaski over your mashed potatoes. hj :wink: