My wings...I'm in charge!

Jumbo Chicken Wings (as needed)
23 oz. bottle of Franks Red Hot sauce
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. black pepper (preferably fine ground)
3 tbsp. ground mustard
1 tbsp. crushed red pepper flakes
1 tbsp. Jalapeno sauce
Tabasco-from 1 drop to as hot as you want it
Habenero sauce- optional
Horseradish- optional (I usually use several tbsps)


Place saucepan on stove. Add the dry indredients. Mix together with a fork. Add other ingredients. Use a spoon to mix all together. Heat on med., until the sauce starts to turn a darker red, and all of the sugar is dissolved.

Wings can be fried, or baked(I put wings in a larger baking pan with rather large sides, to keep from making a mess)
Fry or bake until crisp. Fryer at 375, or oven on broil. When they are done in the fryer, they should be floating on the surface. Keep an eye on the ones in the oven, and turned over when crisp on top.

Remove from respective cooking implements, and drain juices. Put wings in a small container with a cover and shake. If you don’t have a container, use a bowl, or put them on the plate, and cover with the sauce. Don’t be skimpy with it either.

Serve them with bleu cheese dressing, or dressing of your choice, and don’t forget the accompanying rabbit food. (so your mouth can take a break, and cool down)