National Holiday - Two Great Nations - Two Great Neighbours

On the eve of a long holiday weekend

                   for two great nations - two neighbours

     July 1st - Canada Day  AND  July 4th - Independence Day

      I'd like to take this opportunity to share sincere sentiment

          This is a time for National Pride, Family & Friendship

                           It is also a time for reflection

           May we always mindful of those who cannot be at home

In particular, those brave men and women who are in a land, far off

A savage and worn torn land, where they fulfil their oath of service and duty, and where many have paid the ultimate sacrafice

For those very brave men and women, we remember and acknowledge your efforts. You are in our minds, thoughts and prayers

May He always keep you in His Safety and may you come home soon

In closing, I share this simple but poignant message. It can be a viewed at:

You will need macrmedia flash to view this and may be obtained free of charge at:

Best wishes and happy holiday everyone - from B-man & family !

This was very nice of you to post this B-man. Great sentiments shared by all. Thank you