Need base for granola/cereal bars

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to make a type of granola/cereal bar. The recipes on the net usually have their own mixture of grains, etc… I have purchased my own however from whole foods (strawberry/vanilla/hemp/granola) and just need to know the basic mixture and math to make these.

The most promising recipe I have seen so far uses butter, brown sugar and honey as the base…but I need to know the amounts/ratios.
If I use 1 cup of cereal/granola… for example…how much butter/brown sugar and honey would I use?

I’m open to other recipes. They need to contain some type of fat/oil and need to be able to last, packaged, in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

Thanks in Advance.

Oops. I should have mentioned I need these to be no-bake.

I’ve seen some recipes for no-bake chewy granola bars but I’m not sure if instead of raisins, etc…if I should just use an equal amount of my own mix?

Reckon I’ll just have to try it out.

One random post I saw suggested that only Corn Starch was necessary
to “glue” the thing together.