Need ideas for Meal during our Lake Vacation!!!

OK… we are spending 5 days at the lake in our travel trailer. We have a BBQ pit, Camp Stove and a Microwave (we have an oven, but the “hubby” wants to keep it all new looking, so we don’t use it… MEN GRRRR… lol)… anyway, I need some new, exciting, don’t have to spend the whole day preparing, easy, but great tasting ideas and recipes for our evening meals… HELP!!! Need ideas/recipes by this Thursday… THANKS!!!

QueenBuzz - have you checked our Search for campfire, chuckwagon, BBQ, etc.? There are tons of recipes posted.


We go camping alot so along with the regular burgers,hotdogs,barbequed chicken, and steaks, I always make shish kebobs one night with teryaki marinated sirloin steak cubes, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, & pineapple chunks. Fried potato chunks with onions is always great over an open fire too. Canned Baked beans is good doctored up with brown sugar, green pepper & onion, yellow mustard & barbeque sauce. Hillshire Farm’s brats are good too, soaked in beer and then roasted. If you like pork, try one of those marinated pork loin roast in the grocery store over the grill. They are excellent! We have a Coleman roadtrip gas grill that we keep in our camper and cook alot on it, but for the potatoes & baked beans, there’s nothing like the taste of those cooked in a big iron skillet over an open fire. You get that smoke flavor all through the food and its wonderful. Don’t forget the smores for dessert either!:smiley: