Need stuffed banana pepper recipe

I am looking for a stuffed banana pepper recipe that does not have meat in it.

Hi cher0881,

Will see if I can find the recipe I know I have one some where if I find it I will post it for you.

I absolutely love stuffed banana peppers!

Here?s a few of the ways I make them -

Slice the first ½-inch off the peppers and using a long slim knife, remove the seeds and membranes; rinse and dry.

If you like rice - you can use leftover rice (brown or white - even leftover confetti rice!). First saute some chopped onion, in a bit of olive oil and a pat of butter (wonderful flavor), Add chopped tomatoes (you can even used canned tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, Rotel, etc.) and cooked rice and heat through. Season with salt, pepper, parsley, etc.

You can cut the peppers in half lengthwise or just slit lengthwise and stuff.

Place in baking dish; top with tomato puree mixed with water - dilute to your liking - sprinkle with salt, pepper, parsley, basil and marjoram (you can use cilantro if you are using Rotel) and bake at 350* F. until heated through.

A very easy stuffing - dry bread crumbs (fresh made taste best!) combined with fresh grated Pecorino Romano or Parmesan or Romano, salt, pepper, parsley to taste; drizzle with olive oil and/or melted butter; stuff peppers and bake until heated through.

I know you don?t want meat - but for anyone who would like - brown ground meat with onions; season as desired; stuff peppers; place in baking dish; sprinkle with grated cheese of choice and bake until heated through and the cheese is melted.

I also like them stuffed with bulk Italian sausage, fried with onions; stuff peppers; sprinkle with grated Italian cheese blend; bake until heated through.

Any combination of sautéed veggies (celery, onions, carrot, etc.) combined with chopped shrimp, lobster or crab, Old Bay seasoning; topped with cracker or bread crumbs - dot with butter. Bake.

For a quick and ?cool? stuffing - ham, turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon - any of these can be combined with chopped onion, celery, cucumber, mayo, etc. and stuffed into peppers.

I?ve stuffed them with cream cheese combined with chopped veggies and ham or bacon; I?ve stuffed them with macaroni and potato salad.

Any ?meatloaf? recipe can be used - even veggie.


Italian style - browned ground beef and Italian sausage combined with chopped onion and peppers; topped with Italian cheese(s) of choice; topped with tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce and baked.


This is really good:

Pickled Sauerkraut Stuffed Banana Peppers

3-lbs mild yellow banana peppers 
2-cans sauerkraut, drained well 
1-cup sugar 
3-cups white vinegar 
4-tsp salt, divided 
4-tbsp oil, divided 
8-tsp pickling spices, divided 
8-dashes turmeric, divided 

Wash, cut tops off, and core out the peppers 
Pack each pepper with as much sauerkraut as possible 
Put peppers into into clean jars 
Have ready a solution of sugar and vinegar that has been heated to boiling 
Place jars in hot pan, or sink, of hot water 
In separate pot, heat plain water to boiling and pour over peppers 
Let stand a few minutes, then pour off water 
Add the 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tbsp oil, 2 tsp pickling spice, and dash turmeric to each jar 
Pour sugar and vinegar solution over peppers 
Seal jars, and let cool 
Let stand at least one week before eating 
Best when eaten cold, but unopened jars can be stored at room temp 


Cheddar cheese, minced onion and bell pepper, chopped pepper - seasoned with parsley, salt pepper and crushed red pepper - cooked and crumbled bacon or diced ham is optional; broil to heat through.

Pizza style: Cream cheese, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, cheese, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Also - stuff as desired; ?seal? using toothpicks to hold closed; sprinkle with flour; dip in batter; deep fry.  Remove picks and serve.  Depending on what you stuff them with - marinara is a good dipping sauce.

And of course - you cannot live up here without this - leftover cooked chicken combined with hot sauce and melted butter; stuff; flour; batter; deep fry; bleu cheese for dipping.


Your sauerkraut stuffed is very similar to mine that I was looking for but can’t find. Thanks I will use yours and I have been stuffing mine with the Italian sausage to.

I know I didn’t ask for the recipes but your’s are great!!!

Thanks again.



Thanks i sure will as I have a lot of banana peppers in my back yard. And you recipes are a big help.