new format

I do not like the new format of talking about favorite restaurants in the country… that is only good for people who travel a lot…

More interested in recipes…


Hi Renee,

I use to travel alot, still do occasionally, its nice to
see what places others feel offer a good dining expeirence.

You could even share what restuarants in your local area
you enjoy. Who knows someone from here might be visiting
your area and find the information helpful.

This topic is in the general chat catagory, which I would assume
means just about any subject can be discussed.

As far as recipes, there are new ones being posted daily in
the recipe exchange forum. Hope you’ll visit often and make
use of them. I now I do.


Thanks Frank. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It’s not easy trying to please everyone.



I personally think that it is nice to try differrent recipes from all parts of the world. It is nice to get a change from our everyday surroundings and have a bigger variety. Give it a try and you might get to like some of the different types of food.