New Hungry Member

Hi Everyone. It’s my first time here. My name is Janet and I hoard recipes. I collect more recipes than I will ever have time to make in my lifetime. But I also have lots of recipes to share.

Welcome new member!! This a very fun recipe site every one are eally very nice. We would like for you to share your recipes with us. If you need something just let us know and we will try and help you.

Again WELCOME and have fun!!!

I know the feeling about the recipe hoarding! I carry a notepad in my purse so if I am in the doctor’s office or somewhere they have magazines I don’t subscribe to I can copy off a recipe if I find a good one. I have hundreds of cookbooks I’ve worked on 5 myself every issue of Remain publications cooking magazines and about 20 notebooks full of recipes I’ve collected from various places. They nicknamed me the recipe lady at work because they say if you are looking for a recipe I am guareenteed to have it.Oh well we could have worse habits ,I never get any complaints when I am looking for someone to sample my new finds.