new - looking to break free of microwave foods =)

well the title says it all. i’m tired of eating hot pockets and microwave foods! hopefully i will be able to get some good recipes here and also try to contribute some too later on. had a quick question - how come i cant post in the secret recipe area ? i want to look for jamba juice orange dream machine so i can make my own smoothie :smiley:

wantedhc123 - you say you cannot post in the Secret recipe area - are you trying to post a recipe as a new thread? In order to post in that forum you must post as a “reply”. Certain forums are like that - International, Desserts, etc - so I hope you try again.
As you can see we have a wonderful selection of recipes. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we do and welcome aboard!

Welcome to our site wanted

Well you will have to post some recipes in The Recipe Exchange then you can get our recipes but that is a rule. That is the only way it will work.

We do hope that you will enjoy this site as much as we do. We are all so sick and tired of Nuked foods that is why this site is so great you can find real honest to goodness home cooked recipes, our mrmbers have posted really good recipes. but first you will have to post some recipes to get recipes.

Again welcome to our site

Southern Belle 2067

oh okay i got it now thanks to both of you =) actually i found that recipe online so its all good for that one =) will try to share some soon