New Machine

I recenty puchased a 3-in1 Sandwich Maker. Does anyone have any recipes for this machine?

GrannyKidd -

Welcome to RSN! Isn’t that the grill, waffle and sandwich maker??

I get all kinds of these new “gizmos” from everyone - I think because I love to cook and bake that anything with a plug with it is supposed to be something I would like.

I had a waffle/grill maker - which got so much use that it burned out quite a while ago so I had to replace it. That was one appliance we got a lot of use out of. I have several sandwich makers including the Xpress 101 - which is just a larger-welled sandwich maker.

I have posted recipes that I use for both my sandwich maker and Xpress 101 here on the site. I’ll have to check if they are in Favorite Recipes or where I put them.

Waffle recipes are very easy - if there is a particular waffle recipe you would like - give a holler - I most likely have it for you.

The grilling part is nice - before George Forman grills came out I would be able to make my panini using the grill part of the maker. I have many of those recipes posted in What’s for Dinner.

I’ve used the grill part for pancakes, eggs, frying burgers, grilling danish or poundcake slices, sandwiches, panini, fried green tomatoes - you name it.

The “wells” (sandwich making unit) is great for cooking eggs - spray with non-stick spray or use melted butter, and either crack your eggs into the wells, or beat and pour into the wells - close and cook till done. Cakes can be made using any cake mix, homemade mix, bisquick or jiffy mix, etc. Ditto with cornbreads. I’ve warmed up stuffing in the wells of the Xpress 101, mashed potato cakes, etc. You can bake refrigerated rolls in your machine as well. Of course tacos, burritos and dessert burritos, etc.

Place a slice of ham in a buttered/sprayed well and crack an egg, place a piece of cheese on the ham then the egg is you want. Makes a quick and easy breakfast and clean up is easy with these machines.

You can use our SEARCH here on the site - and look up - George Forman for grilling recipes, panini for grilling sandwiches, Xpress 101, and sandwich maker - and you should be directed to recipes and tips.

If you need something else - please give a holler!

As time goes on you’ll find that you can make so many different things with your machine.

I hope some of this helps at least a little.

Kitchen Witch