New member needs help

hello everyone. Great site with fantastic recipes!
I was wondering if everyone could help me to win a local radio station contest that I am in. If I get the most votes, I will win dinner for two at the Cracker Barrell restaraunt and get to take home 2 of their awesome rocking chairs for my front porch! I am in the top 10 and need your vote. Go here and vote for entry H
96.9 WXBQ

Thank you so much and feel free to tell all your friends and relatives too to vote for me. The contest ends on the 17th.:wink:

The contest is called BC Front Porch Wisdom

Thanks anyway…I WON the contest!:smiley:

Thank you!
I get to pick up my goodies on Thursday. They called me from the station yesterday and congratulated me and told me that they loved all my entries and it was very hard for them to just choose one of mine. That made me feel good! I also get dinner for two, a cd, and the 2 rockers. They have also posted about me winning on their site if you wanna see. 96.9 WXBQ