new member

I just joined this site. It does not explain how to do anything easy.
I don’t know how to post a new recipe. Could someone be kind enough to
inform me how to do this?


Hello Flossie -

I would love to help you!

The site is large and it is growing - but don’t let it intimidate you at all! Just give a holler anytime you are not sure of something!

You didn’t specify what type of recipe you would like to post - so let’s start with going to the RECIPE EXCHANGE.

Click on NEW THREAD and you can type or copy/paste your recipe there. When completed - hit SUBMIT. Should you need to make any changes after you have posted - go back to your recipe and EDIT and SUBMIT again.

And should you want to make an additional comment to anothers’ post - just click on REPLY and then SUBMIT when you are done.

I hope this has helped you - if not - just let me know! We would love to see any recipes that you would like to share with us!!!

Kitchen Witch