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Hi from Kansas! I am 63 years old & I love to cook. I have been doing cake decorating for about 40 years. I have MS so don’t do that much anymore. I would love some really easy bread & roll recipes that I can use my new mixer with. I have always had problems getting dough to rise. God bless you all!

I make all my bread dough in my KitchenAid mixer. It requires very little hand kneading. I cover my bowl with plastic wrap during the rise so I don’t get any draft. A good thing here in Thailand is it is always quite warm so my bread rises in less time than the recipes say. Be sure you water you use to proof your yeast is 105-110 degrees F. Too cool won’t activate the yeast and too warm will kill it.

What is your recipe for no knead dough? Thank you for your response. God bless you.