New Poster with a recipe problem from one of Ron's books!

Hello everyone. I am Marcia, I live in Western New York state near Buffalo and Niagara Falls. I raised two daughters, one of whom is now deceased, and have a 19 year old granddaughter at the State University of Buffalo. My husband and I are both retired and in less than a month (fingers crossed) will celebrate 50 years of marriage. I love to cook, garden, travel, and waste time on Facebook games.

At Christmas I received Ron’s book More of America’s Most Wanted Recipes and tonight I thought I would try the Tortilla Soup recipe from Zinfandel Restaurant (although I’ve never seen that restaurant anywhere) but here’s the problem. As the recipe is written, it contains only about 3 1/4 cups of liquid and is supposed to make 8 servings. So I added about 6 cups of water in addition to what was called for. Then it tasted like watered down soup. So before pureeing, I added a 26 oz. can of diced tomatoes and then pureed. That gave it more substance, and made it edible. I planned the soup along with cornbread, as the whole meal.

My question is WHAT should have been added to it that isn’t in the recipe book? We garnished ours with shredded Monterey Jack cheese and crushed Tostidos, and it was passably good. I only used half the amount of cayenne pepper because we don’t like it too hot. I think it had more heat than flavor, though. Wondering what else I could add to give it more flavor. (Fresh cilanto probably–my husband doesn’t like it so I just added dried to my bowl.) At any rate, I have enough left for at least two more meals, so I’m going to have to correct the seasonings somehow in order to use it up. Fairly disappointing meal, but salvagable, at least. Thanks for any ideas you have and are willing to share.

Without any additional liquid, it would have barely made two bowls, if that. I served it with chicken, cheese and crushed Tostidos, since I had a bag open from New Year’s. We don’t care for avocado. I may have added too much liquid, but I can’t believe the recipe is right as it is written. Is there any way to send a message to Ron to ask? I now have enough left for about two more meals, and I’m interested in salvaging it as well as I can. It needs something more but I can’t think what, exactly.

My Mom and sister live in W. Seneca, probably quite close to you—I’m out that way every couple of weeks. Small world, no? I met another woman from W. Seneca on another board, too–she lives very close to my sister.