It’s going to be 2006 very soon and how many members are once again going to start on a new diet - whether for health reasons, to lose a few pounds, or just to eat healthier???

Would any members be interested in starting a “support” thread for encouragement, hints, tips and recipes??

We can use this thread for any discussions on diets, meal plans, altering recipes to make them healthier, etc.

I hope to see some posts here!!

Kitchen Witch

One thing for sure that I know I need to start doing is drinking more water! When I drink more water I feel better! Maybe kick some of the excessive tea drinking that I am doing! Also - I think it’s time to start my day with breakfast instead of skipping breakfast completely and waiting till lunch or dinner to eat. That should help my metabolism as well.


Drink 4 glasses of water a day.

You can add any of these spices and condiments: salt, herbs, lemon, pepper, vinegar, Worcestershire, soy sauce, mustard & ketchup to your foods.


Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal
1/2 Grapefruit or Juice
1 Toast with 1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter

1/2 Cup of Tuna
1 Toast
Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

3 Oz. any lean meat or chicken
1 cup green beans
1 cup carrots
1 apple
1 cup regular vanilla ice cream


black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal
1 Egg
1/2 Banana
1 Toast

1 cup cottage cheese or tuna
8 regular saltine crackers

2 beef franks
1 cup broccoli or cabbage
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 banana
1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream


black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal
5 regular saltine crackers
1 oz. cheddar cheese
1 apple

1 boiled egg
1 toast
black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

1 cup tuna
1 cup carrots
1 cup cauliflower
1 cup melon
1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

My New Year’s Resolution is to lose about 15 pounds before summer.

My problem is, I always have to finish my food. It may be psychological, but I will stuff myself just to finish all the food on my plate. I guess this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t serve such large plates of food to begin with.

I exercise 3 times per week but I always put the weight back on.

Therefore in 2006, I’m going on the “Small Bowl Diet.” Yes I made that up - don’t laugh.

My theory is - if every meal I eat is out of a small bowl, I will be eating smaller portions and still be in the “clean plate club.”

With the “Small Bowl Diet” I’m going to eat smaller portions and drink lots of water to get that “full” feeling.

15 pounds by June - wish me luck. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
My New Year’s Resolution is probably going to shock everyone…I am resolved to buy myself something that I would really love, instead of things for everyone else… :lol: That is what comes of being 74, having raised 3 children, all married, and 8 grandchildren…and running ragged for them for 53 years…My friends and I all agree that it is time we started being a little different. :smiley:
This has probably put the cat among the pigeons…but several of us have agreed that our kids take and take and take, and we give and give and give…so now we are going to give to ourselves…lol
Have a wonderful New year all,
Phyl, Canberra, Australia

The year 2005 found me re-aligning my career with my life interests and goals. With the year drawing to an end, I am closing my corporation and an online business I have been building for the last two years ( And by golly, it is hard to let go! But I believe that letting go and moving on, as challenging as this can be, is critical to living life to its fullest.

Meanwhile, having launched a new business midway through the year in health and nutrition, I have a new focus and must put my energy into moving this business forward.

So! My New Year’s Resolution is to take all the positives I’ve gained and learned from the past, jettison the rest, and make 2006 a year of renewal. Along with that, I have an overall goal to simplify my life and clear out the clutter that creates unnecessary headaches and complexity.

To health! To life! To the New Year!


My New Year Resolutioin is to make a new recipe each week during the year. With all of the great recipes on this site, that should be no problem.

And Ron, best of luck with your small bowl diet! Keep us informed on how you’re doing. :smiley:

Happy New Year all - may this year bring us all peace and prosperity!

Ron, good luck with the small bowl…will be checking with interest. Have decided to go on a diet which was prepared with a big Government Department here in Canberra, and is taking Australia by storm. It is called the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet…so, fingers crossed. :slight_smile:
As well as joining the ME generation, I too, am resolved to lose weight, and clear out the clutter from the house and all the hang ups collected over the years…Long way to go, but we will get there… :slight_smile:
Happy New Year to all,
Phyl, Canberra, Australia

Kitchen, That sounds great to me. I will try to remember to log on and I sure do need help and suppor! :twisted:
Also,I plan on going to church regularly.I am at an age where I need to get my immortal soul in line!

Kitch, Got to thinking about you wanting to increase your water intake. I drink water all day long and have started adding a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice and a bit of Splenda, when I want something a little different.

I also find that an ice cold glass of water with a slice of lemon, a slice of lime and a slice of cucumber (yes - cucumber!) tastes really good!

Kitchen Witch

This is for Ron -

I love the idea of the “Small Bowl Diet” - which is good for pasta dishes - so you can’t eat too much pasta. But if I were you - I would try a smaller plate - LOADED with lots of good fresh/frozen veggies, and a nice piece of lean meat, poultry or fish along side of it. And try a nice large bowl filled with salad fixin’s! Three healthy meals a day and a piece of fruit in between meals - geez - you would probably lose 15 pounds before March!! Men seem to lose weight so much easier than women!

Kitchen Witch

Well -

here it is!!!

The first day of the new year!!!

Today many of us will vow to make 2006 the year we start to eat more sensibly. How is everyone doing with this???

Ron - how’s the “small bowl” doing???

Come on everyone - we can do it!!! It’s going to be a great year for us all!! Let’s all THINK POSITIVE!!!

Kitchen Witch

So far so good. It’s been 9 hours and I haven’t cheated :lol:

Ron - I’m very proud of you!!! LOL

Here is a site that I found this morning -

and it’s free - but I did pay the 14.95 today to get the info on my exercise! I was going to stick to the freebie version - but - I would like to know more for myself.

For the freebie - you plug in what you ate and it tells you the calorie count, fat, carbs, etc.

This should be interesting…it’s the first time I will be tracking anything like this.

If anyone else tracks - let me know how you are doing. (That site will tell you when to stop eating also - LOL!)

Good luck -

Kitchen Witch

Here’s a really neat site that helps you get an exercise program set up: It’s basically a personal trainer that you can access online.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to not only eat right, but to get onto a regular weight lifting program. (Note to self: get right on this!)

Muscle dictates how our bodies burn fat. Someone brought this to my attention recently: look at the body types of the people in the aerobics room of the gym versus the body types of the people in the weight room. There’s a lot less fat on the folks lifting weights! If you go for a run, you burn calories while you’re running. If you build muscle, your muscles burn fat for you 24/7.

Happy New Year, everyone. And good luck with all your New Year’s Resolutions!


One of the most effective weightloss programs I’ve found is:

I am usually kind of depressed on New Year’s, but this year I’m actually very hopeful. I have started a diet “4 Idoits” that someone on here mentioned was good! I am so hopeful that I will soon be able to fit into my closet of “smaller” size clothes. I am really going to try to loose some of my not pleasant-looking weight and then continue to maintain a sensible weight…sooooooo…say a little prayer for me to be persistant and consistant. Thank you all for your support! :wink:
Vicki Madden

Didn’t reply to this earlier as I was procrastinating. My number one resolution this year was to learn to “do it now” and not procrastinate! (I know, it needs work, which I am definitely working on this year- so far/so good). Also, my second resolution is to take some “me” time. I am joining the Red Hat Society (an organization for women fifty and over for fun, friendship and learning to indulge yourself instead of totally giving all your time to everyone else -see description).

The Red Hat Society is a women’s organization founded in 1998 by Sue Ellen Cooper of Fullerton, California. It is not a sorority or a voluntary service club. There are no initiations, no fundraising projects, no rules and no bylaws.

Its aim is social interaction, and to encourage fun, silliness, creativity, and friendship in middle age and beyond.

The society takes its name from the opening lines of the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph, which starts:

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.

In April 2005 there are about one million registered members in forty thousand chapters in the United States and twenty-five countries. Their members are from all walks of life.

Also a prayer and a BIG piece of chocolate goes a long way in helping keep your resolutions (except the diet ones) LOL. After all, God doesn’t make mistakes and He did let them invent chocolate!

I would love to join the Red Hat Society! I need to see if there is a group here - it just sounds like so much fun. I have a couple of their scarves and a travel bag with the red hat and purple designs.

And make sure you bring lots of chocolate to the meetings!!!
(if you can bring yourself to share it - LOL)

Kitchen Witch