Newbie here!!!

Hey everyone!!! I am new here! I am a self proclaimed foodie. Love too cook. Every recipe I kind of twist around to make it my own. If my hubbie and I like something at a restaurant we will ask for the recipe and try to replicate. We love to cook. I find it cathartic to come home after a long day in the office and be in the kitchen. Found this while searching for the Ruby Tuesday pasta salad recipe for my dad…(there was a question about it) and fell in love with the website! Thanks to whomever began this forum!!!

Have a lot of family recipes that we use and just got on a kick for canning. Nice to meet all of you!!:cool:

Welcome to this forum….
Hope you will enjoy here….
Don’t feel shy because the old user also once upon a time a new user like you……
Just share your feelings….

Hi There, Newbie too from Texas. Nice to see you . I have really enjoyed this board so far and I hope you will too :slight_smile: