Newbie problem cooking meatballs... Pls HELP! =(

Hi Guys, I’m a newbie who is learning how to cook. Recently I have problem cooking meatballs. When I put the meatballs into the frying pan (which was covered with cooking oil & butter), the balls immediately sticked onto the surface of the pan.

And by the time I tried to roll or move the balls, the surface of the balls peeled off, therefore the shape of the meatballs was ruined… Was it because the heat was too high? I notice that the meatball’s surface that touched the pan first turned will blackish quickly (a sign of overcooked?).

Does anyone have any ideas to solve this problem?

Thanks! =)

Hi Aceventura - been making meatballs all my life.

Before you put your oil in the pan, be sure your pan is hot, then add your butter.
Before you place your meatballs in the pan, be sure your oil is hot - cook over a medium heat never on high.

If you are using a light-weight pan or a cheapie you will also have problems with sticking. Get yourself a good heavy skillet or cast iron skillet (remember to season first with cast iron - we have plenty of info on that in our Cooking Tips forum).

Hope this helps.

Also- welcome to RSN!

Kitchen Witch