News letter


Did you tried that “Surveys” site you promoting?
Is that works?

I’m not promoting it. It’s just a paid ad in the newsletter.

Hi Ron
Just wanted to say thanks for all the recipes you send. Love the family reunion shots — looks like everybodies having a great time, beauuuuuuttttttiful boat, and the kids wow getting big. Looks like you’re still keeping to the diet thing huh!! Lookin good :)!


I am a newbi. How do I ask if someone has a recipe for Ranch Salad Dressing that really tastes like Ranch Dressing?

bjbroen - please use the SEARCH and type in ranch dressing - you will get all of the recipes.

I just have to add my thanks to Ron & KitchenWitch for all of the great recipes ! My daughter ,(whom is now really getting into cooking), is learning alot due to the recipes and tips from both of you !
Love ya both

You’re very welcomed and I hope she continues to enjoy cooking!

Hi I am tricia and I love to cook international food. i know about the ingrediets of many different countries and love to try new things. I am glad to be on board…

Welcome aboard! We’re glad you found us!