Nickie's Fried Chicken

[b]3 eggs
1/3 cup water
1 cup hot pepper sauce
2 cups flour
tsp. pepper
1-2lb. chicken breast cut into pieces
peanut oil
garlic powder

In a medium bowl,beat eggs with water. Add hot sauce so egg mix is orange. In another bowl,mix flour and pepper.Season chicken with salt pepper and garlic powder.Dip seasoned chicken into oiland then coat well with flour mixture. Heat oil to 350degrees.Frie until brown and crisp.It should take about 13-15 minutes.[/b]

Hi there Nickie…

Just thought I’d say WELCOME to RecipeSecrets…and a great first post!
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B-man :wink:

Hi! You don’t mention what you do with the egg/hot sauce mixture. I assume that you mean’t “Dip seasoned chicken into EGG MIXTURE” and not “INTO OIL”. :wink: