No More Asking!!!

No more am I asking what time everyone wants to eat in this house!

Since everyone wanted a later dinner I thought it would be nice to use the crockpot.

So I placed frozen pork steaks in the crockpot with a bit of olive oil, plenty of fresh garlic, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and fresh parsley.

Just when they were pretty muched thawed - “can we eat sooner?”

Sure why not - I can wash the pans and the crockpot since I’m the chief cook and bottle washer!! Welcome to Crystal’s Diner!!! geeeesh!

So - I transferred the pork steaks to the hot skillet with olive oil in it and continued to cook them that way. Oh sure - it gave me enough time to wash and dry and put away the crockpot!

So we ate early (this way everyone can want another big meal later! - like I have nothing to do - now why would anyone think I would want some time for myself!).

Pork steaks, mashed potatoes with sour cream, milk, butter, salt and pepper; buttered corn; candied sweet potatoes; applesauce and a side salad.

And the dishes are done and the kitchen is cleaned and CLOSED until I feel like making something. Today is not the day to push my buttons! LOL

KW…I feel your pain! my pet peeve is when I ask on Saturday what everyone wants for dinner next week and I get the answer: “It doesn’t matter” grrrrr

That bugs me too! Or diner is almost ready and they say - can we have??? double grrrrrrrrrrr