None=Such Condensed Mincemeat

I have been looking for None=Such Condensed Mincemeat, the kind in the box. The local markets either do not have it at all or only get it in three days after Chirstmas. One store kept telling me it was on the truck comeing in. I waited three weeks for that truck then had to police put an APB out on it, as it must have been hi-jacked! LOL. I know Bordens still makes it but why dont the stores stock it in time for the holidays or year round. THey do have some of the jars stuff all year for Ice Cream topping or making cookies.

I like the condensed as I add the water and then add a diced apple and a handful of crushed Soda Crackers to make it go a bit farther and fill two pie shells.(two boxes of the dried mincemeat)

My local Hannaford has it for $3.89 a box, perhaps you could search online for availability in your area.

Thanks, but no HAnnaford store here. Local MArkets will have this week along with Pheffernuzze Cookies,Peppernuts, or will have the week between Christmas and New Years. I’ll just wait for two weeks after holidays and then go to Flea MArket and buy cases for $1 a jar or box and stock up this time