Noodle soup

A delicious, easy-to-make, low-fat, light vegetable soup that is full of wholesome, healthy ingredients. Tastes different from any other! Can be eaten as main meal.

* 4 Onions
* 8 Organic Carrots
* ½ Organic Swede
* ½ PKT Rice Sticks 10mm (Noodles)
* 2 sticks Celery
* ½ LB Organic Mushrooms
* 2 STOCK CUBES Kallo Organic Vegetable
*  Spring Onions
*  Fresh Coriander
*  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


  2. Scrub and check CARROTS and SWEDE.
  4. Peele and slice ONIONS longways and put in large bowl.
  5. Cut CARROTS in diagonal pieces (half vertically if big, then slice at an angle - gives an oriental look)and add to bowl.
  6. Cut SWEDE in half, leaving skin on and cut into cubes or triangles, add to bowl.
  7. Slice CELERY diagonally and mix in with veg in bowl.
  8. Cut the white of the LEEKS into 2cm long pieces and slice the green leaves 1 cm thick, keep leeks separate.
  9. Cut the MUSHROOMS thickly or into quarters, keep separate to add at last moment.
  10. Soak 1/2 pkt of RICE NOODLES in tepid water for 15 minutes.

  11. Boil kettle of WATER and transfer to soup pot or large pan. Heat to boiling and add bowl of ONIONS, CARROTS, SWEDES and CELERY.
  12. Crumble in two VEGETABLE STOCK CUBES and let simmer for 10 minutes.
  13. Add LEEKS and cook for a further 5 minutes then add MUSHROOMS. Cook for another 5 minutes.
  14. Drain RICE NOODLES (THAI STICK RICE NOODLES are best because they are wider and don't fall apart so easily - should be available in any Asian food store) add to soup. Simmer for a couple of minutes or until noodles just soft.
  15. Add a TBLSP SOY SAUCE, a TSP SEA SALT and some BLACK PEPPER and check seasoning.
  16. Serve garnished with chopped SPRING ONIONS, FRESH CORIANDER, sprinkled with CYDER VINEGAR and GARLIC OIL, and a swirl of TAHINI!


* * Keep the lid off at the end of cooking to keep the liquid clear and vegetables brightly coloured.
  * Serve topped with fried TOFU CUBES (as in picture) and sprinkle with PARSLEY if coriander not available.
  * Use fewer vegetables to make a smaller quantity of soup.
  * Use the outer leaves of GREEN CABBAGE, thickly shredded and cooked with mixed vegetables.
  * BEAN SPROUTS can be added at last moment (after washing and draining).
  * Try adding a touch of CHILLI OIL to pep it up!
  * Make your own GARLIC OIL by chopping up 6-8 GARLIC CLOVES and frying them lightly in OLIVE OIL. Pour into a small jar and add more fresh OLIVE OIL.
  * If not using all the soup straight away - don't add NOODLES to complete quantity just to the amount required.