Nuwave oven

Does anyone have a nuwave oven can you share some rescipes?

This website has over 50 recipes for nuwave ovens:

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I have a nuwave oven and use it regularly for oven roasted potatoes, oven fries and reheating things that I want to crisp. Made a standing rib roast in it today for the first time. Started with frozen 2 rib roast. Wet it and used salt, pepper, garlic powder for seasoning. Using the extender ring and the 4 inch grate inverted. I tossed one bag fingerling potatoes, 1 lb peeled carrots cut in half, one pound turnip roots peeled and cubed and two sweet onions peeled and quartered with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Placed them on the grate then the seasoned rib roast on top of the vegetables. I set the time to 1 hr 30min on high. Pausing the cook cycle, the vegetable were removed and the roast replaced on the grate and the cycle resumed. For medium rare, this was perfect. The meat was succulent, tender and very juicy. I have previously cooked a frozen 12 lb. turkey in it as well. It came out excellent as too.

This is sort of what I was looking for. I want to do complete meals in my new oven. You did not say after how long you removed the veggies. Help please.

I think you need to think on the time question. 1 and a half hours cooking = 90 mins. potatoes taken out half way through cooking , that is 45 min cooking ,then remove veggies.