Okra, old fashioned

Old Fashioned Okra

Cut pods in little chunks

Place bacon grease in a fry pan

Salt and Pepper to taste

Stir in skillet until golden brown

Mammaw Zella’s Okrie

Cut tender young pods in half-inch rounds disgard the ends
Melt some hog hard, vegatable shortening or bacon grease in an iron skillet (around 10 inch.)
Place the okra in a plastic bag and about a quarter cup of corn meal. Shake to coat the okra with the corn meal.
Pour the okra and meal into the skillet.
Brown the okra and keep turning until the whole mess is browned.
Note this gets better as it “ages” so make plenty for left overs. This is the way my Beloved and Sainted Mammaw made okra and it’s the only way I’ll eat it.