Old French Canadian chocolate pie recipe (1939)

Just received some of my grandmother’s French Canadian recipe books and wanted to share this recipe with you. The books are all in French so I have to translate them into English. But…wow… do they ever have that “old smell”. This is the only recipe I’m posting from those books today as I have them “airing out” outside as they made my nose “run” :lol: I translated the ingredients but not the title because (as you will see) it sounds funny in English. This recipe comes from a book dated 1939.

Garniture au Chocolat Vitesse

(Garnish Chocolate Speed = which I would say probably should be translated into “Quick Chocolate Filling”.

2 squares unsweetened chocolate
1-1/3 cups sweetened condensed milk
½ cup boiling water
1/8 tsp salt
½ cup chopped nuts (optional)
¼ tsp vanilla

On top of double boiler with simmering water (not boiling), melt chocolate and stir in sweetened condensed milk.

Stir, this time, over boiling water until mixture thickens (5 to 7 minutes).

Stir in ½ cup of boiling water, salt, nuts, vanilla.

Let mixture cool slightly and pour into baked pie shell. Let cool completely and serve with whipped cream on top.