Old-New Member - Introduction

Hi y’all! Greetings from the deep south!

I am a Russian Orthodox Christian in my late 60’s with a wonderful husband who does most of the cooking. I also have MUCH assistance from Emmy, my wonderful mobility service dog. :cool: On “good” days, though, I enjoy cooking simple things that don’t take much time or effort as I can’t stand up for long.

We have 3 adult children, and have 11 grandkids: 1 girl, 10 boys. Bliss!

I really am not new here, but haven’t posted before.

May all y’all’s dreams come true!

Welcome turtlemom! Always glad to see new members to the forum.

Crystal :slight_smile:

Hello from Romania, Turtlemum, and this is my first post too ! Am in my early sixties, have 2 grandchildren whom I have never seen (question of money and distance as well as social responsabilities here). Still, my passion for cooking keeps my spirits up
Take care:-)