onion "slop" or onion patties

I don’t know what to call it - its just something I enjoy very much.

No measurements - go by feel and look!

Chopped vidalia onions, mixed with beaten eggs, flour (or bread/cracker crumbs), paprika, chopped fresh garlic, cracked black pepper, kosher salt, fresh chopped parsley.

Form into patties or fry as is in a mixture of olive oil and butter. I was too lazy today to chop the onion that fine - so I treated it as “loose meat”.

Served with (on top of, actually!) a juicy fresh made hamburger patty grilled on good ol’ George Forman (I wanted it juicy and not dry so I fried it with the top up!) Ground chuck was mixed with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, minced garlic and fresh chopped parsely before I formed it into a pattie. I love the flavor that way!

Side salad of greens, tomatoes, cukes and radishes.

Fresh sun tea!