Oven meal today

Even though I got a plow today for the rest of the driveway - I still have to go out there and clean up - the plow doesn’t get all the way to the pavement so I will be in and out scraping, etc. too cold and windy to stay out long -

and I love to walk into the house and smell something good and hot in the oven

Friday - no meat day - so it’s a salmon loaf and roasted potatoes with green bean salad.

Tonight is movie night - Night at the Museum Battle at the Smithsonian and Angels and Demons - flavored popcorn and hot chocolate!

Salmon loaf? I’ve never had that before – maybe I’ll try making it one of these days :smiley:

It’s really no different than salmon patties! Add what you want as far as onions, peppers, etc. go. Season any way you want - Old Bay is good - 350* about 40 minutes (depending on size) - I used some lemon juice, Old Bay, pepper, eggs, breadcrumbs, onions and celery - greased loaf pan