Over spiced Chili

I am looking for an answer to what I can do to take the over-spiced taste our of chili. I am single, and I sometimes buy small cans of prepared chili, because it makes enough for one person. I am also allergic to cilantro, and have never been able to handle a lot of the spices that are put into chili. When I make my own from scratch, I do use a little chili powder, for flavor, but it is a very small amount, and some galic powder.
When I was making a pot of chili the other day, the lid came off the spice bottle, and of course you can guess what happened. Way, Way, Way to much for me. I scooped out as much as I could, which left way to much ,still. I tryed adding more tomato juice, sauce, and water, but to no avail. I simmered it down for about an hour, and even then it was way to much.
When I buy some brands of prepared chili, when I can’t find the one that I really like, and still tastes good, I have the same problem of much spice.
If anyone can help me to be able to tame down the taste, and neutrilize the spices. please let me know. Thank you so much, for your reading this, and for what ever help you can share.