This is a wonderful place to find recipes. However, it gets very frustrating trying to find new recipes when you have to wade through duplicates (and triplicates in some cases) of the exact same recipe and usually by the same person. There are many different varieties of the same recipe but that is not what I am talking about. It would be easier for all involved if we take care to ensure that this does not happen often. It could happen that a recipe gets accidentally posted twice but you have the option to delete it. If everyone adheres to the rules, we all benefit.

Apparently the computer ghosts have decided to teach me a lesson. Having just posted a recipe and trying to post more, they doubled (and God forbid, even tripled) my posts and WON’T LET ME DELETE IT!!! My apologies if I have jumped to conclusions regarding the overposting. I stand corrected.

Seems that when you question or upset a certain Moderator this crap happens!

I have posts that have been out-right changed!

Bet this post goes away!