Oz Burgers

Not a good day today - not at all -

dinner is simply going to be Oz Burgers on crusty rolls - with a salad.

Originally - being Thursday in an Italian home - it would have been macaroni - well live if we have Oz Burgers.

What are Oz burgers?

i assumed she meant ostrich burgers, however I’m not positive…

Sorry - I’ve had 3 funerals since last week Wednesday - it’s been hard for me. I didn’t mean to post so “short” -

My dad (his nickname was Oz) was the original Whimpie! That man could devour burgers any time of the day or night! Regardless of the huge meals and all the home cooking - at night he’d be savoring an Oz burger or two.

Not just any hamburger mind you - he wanted OZ BURGERS!

Fresh ground chuck, seasoned, and hand-formed (no burger press could do the right job for him) thick and juicy burgers that hung off those big bulkie egg rolls, usually with a THICK slice of Velveeta cheese (which had to placed on the burger for just a few seconds so it would not melt more than a tiny bit), and he would slather on whatever he wanted - sometimes just a good dose of sandwich spread and a bunch of very thin sliced tomates. Sometimes slathered in mustard, sweet or dill pickle relish and a bit of horseradish.

No BK or McD’s for dad. Skillet fried or grilled - but they had to be big, thick and juicy. Cooked slowly and he’d worship them. Had to be well done.

They had to be close to 1/2 pounders.

But for me - 1/4 pounder is enough - and if that is all I am eating and very hungry - maybe about 1/3 pounder.

And I add anything I want - sliced portobello, any type of cheeses, onions, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce, anything - to mine. Mix and match - just create. Large double-crust Italian rolls, large bulkie egg rolls - the bigger the bread - the bigger the burger! Had to hang of a bit all the way around for him.

If mom ground sirloin - then it had to have a pat of butter pressed into the seasoned burger on one side and skillet fried with a bit of olive oil. Best flavor in the world to him.

No frozen, flat, dry burgers of The Oz - and if mom bought Black Angus - that man snored with a smile and a song in his snore!

The next time I make one I post a pic -

That’s my kind of burger. Thanks.

You’re welcomed!

That’sa lovely story, I thought you meant Oz burgers as in Australian with cheese tomato, onion, lettuce ketchup… and what makes it Australian? Beetroot!!

Well, I was in the Land of OZ. Thinking someone cooked Toto. Aww KW! Sorry! I know you miss your Dad, especially at the holidays! Hope it gets better! Make us all a Big Ole Oz Burger!


thank you so much -

Obviously when I said lovely I meant the lovely memories of your Dad not the dreadful week you have had…hope things get alot better.:frowning:

thank you -

pics of an Oz Burger -

these are BIG burgers -

Hope it gets better!

Thank you Charles.

if you copy/paste the pic links to your browser you can see the pics