Pam's Poppy Chicken

Perdue Thin sliced boneless, skinless breasts
1 lg tub of Sour cream (like the fat free variety)
1 pkg poppy seeds
1 pkg ritz crackers
1 lg can of Cream of Chicken Soup

Preheat oven to 350.

Cook thin sliced boneless breasts plain in skillet pan with a little Pam spray on the surface to keep nonstick or you can use a small amount of oil.

Then set chicken aside.

In a shallow bowl combine ritz crackers that are crunched up into crumbs…the smaller the easier to use…so really crunch it to a consistancy like a bread crumb consistancy) Then add poppy seeds to this mixture…you basically eyeball it…you don’t want too much but enough that the color comes out, no more then 2 tbsp max.
Then set aside.

In another shallow bowl combine sour cream & cream of chicken soup together.

BEGIN by adding one piece at a time to the wet mixture coating completely, then add to the crumb mixture again coating completely…add to a baking dish and continue the above until all are in the baking dish seperately, NOT on top of each other.

Bake for 20 minutes and YUM YUM YUM!!!:smiley:

THIS recipe is my very best recipe and everyone who has tried it loves it. My kids, and every other kids I know eat it unbelieveably. You can make this up and not put it in the oven, place it in the refriger. for later that day & it is great!
Let me know how much you love this.